I critique complete MG and YA novels and nonfiction, query letters, and will also consider adult work. No picture books or easy readers (but if your work falls into those categories, I recommend Vijaya Bodach). Critiquing addresses big-picture issues with minimal line edits. I recommend that you revise your first draft at least once, with the help of a critique group or beta readers if possible, before considering paying for a critique.

 My qualifications: I have traditionally published nine books for children and teens, fiction and nonfiction, as well as numerous short pieces in national publications. I have done freelance editing for a publisher in the areas of adult fiction and nonfiction. I have taught writing for over 15 years, and have served on critique faculties for SCBWI conferences on a number of occasions.

With my critique, you get: Generous comments right on the manuscript, an editorial letter of 4-6 pp., single-spaced, and opportunity to ask questions via one follow-up email.

Fee: $40 per hour. To estimate total cost of your project, figure about one hour per 4,000 words.

Billing: $100 deposit, through PayPal, with submission. I bill the balance, using PayPal, after completing the work.  

Submit: By email, as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Turnaround time: Two weeks or less. 

To get in touch: contact me.


I also offer freelance copyediting on complete manuscripts. Copyediting is intended for manuscripts that have already been developmentally edited (for big-picture issues such as character, structure, pacing, POV, etc.) and are ready to enter the publication process. Copyediting clients may be publishing companies or individuals planning to self-publish. This entails line editing for word choice, phrasing, grammar, punctuation, consistency of style, and so forth.

You get: A professionally copyedited manuscript, an explanatory sheet of copyeditor's marks, a letter, and opportunity for questions via one follow-up email.

Fee: $40 per hour. Time will depend on how much work the manuscript needs, but in general plan to spend roughly twice what you'd spend on a critique, or about an hour per 2,000 words. Of course, the cleaner your manuscript, the less costly copyediting will be. 

Turnaround time: Three weeks or less.

To get in touch: contact me.




"Marcia's critiques have been very helpful. Now when I write I always make sure I don't have 'talking heads.' She helped me recognize the value of having excellent settings." -- Sharon K. Mayhew


"When I wanted to learn if the first 1000 words of my novel would hook a reader, I sent it to Marcia Hoehne. I've found her critique to be clear, helpful and encouraging." -- Bish Denham


"Think of a rare person you really trust for help--whether it be a doctor, coach, or car repairman. For writing, that person is Marcia." -- Constance Morgenstern, author of Waking Day (NorthWord) and One for Me, One for You (Roaring Brook)


"Marcia Hoehne critiqued my manuscripts with an eye for the good and the bad. She was sensitive to the heart of this author, pointing out problems without causing pain. Marcia found the areas needing work that I couldn't find myself. I really like it when she points out good sections, too. Her positive critiquing helps me improve my stories and keeps me writing." -- Susan Manzke, author, columnist, and WWA Jade Ring winner


"I was so thankful for the feedback Marcia offered for my young adult novel. Her comments helped me add interest to an influential character that I never would have thought of on my own. I highly recommend Marcia's expertise. She is an extremely smart professional who can bring your manuscript to the next level!"

-- Melissa Gorzelanczyk, author, blogger at Peace & Projects


"When your heart is on the page and you need a professional who will dig deeper and cut the flab without injuring your heart, trust Marcia. With great sensitivity and care, she critiqued my first complete (and what I thought was polished) novel. The revisions based on her thorough comments, questions, and copyedits made my manuscript ready for submission. Thank you, Marcia." -- Vijaya Bodach


"I was thrilled to win one of Marcia's critique giveaways. Her thoughtful critique of the first 1,000 words of my YA novel contained encouragement as well as valuable insights and advice that I was then able to apply to the entire manuscript." -- Ruth Schiffmann


"Marcia provided me with a balanced critique of my middle-grade manuscript. She wrote a paragraph highlighting what was working with my novel, then several more paragraphs detailing ways I could strengthen character and plot. Not only did she write comments on the manuscript, but she added a full page of additional feedback, pointing out several plot/character inconsistencies that prior beta readers had missed. After one week of querying, I already have two full agent requests. No doubt, this is largely due to Marcia's keen editorial eye. I highly recommend Marcia and hope to continue working with her in the future! "                  -- Stefanie Wass www.stefaniewass.com


"A good critique partner can tell you 'something's wrong here,' but Marcia has the ability to critique with an editor's intuition; rather than just pointing out what didn't work in my manuscript, she was able to pinpoint the exact moment when things went wrong and why. This helped tremendously as I moved forward in my revisions, and my new version went on to become a finalist in the 2013 Tassy Walden Award for New Voices in Children's Literature." -- Faith Hough


"Marcia has the ability to zero in on discrepancies and verbalize what works. I incorporated many of her suggestions into the manuscript she reviewed. It is currently out on submission. (Fingers crossed.)" -- Kim Van Sickler